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Blogger Intelligence Report

Findings from Inagural Blogger Intelligence Report

If you're working with parenting and mom bloggers, this report is a must-read. It reveals important findings about how bloggers perceive themselves and how they want to be treated by PR agencies, brands and other marketing professionals.

Key findings revealed include:

  • Bloggers Mean Business: 77% of bloggers say they view their blog as a business, not just a hobby. 
  • Bloggers Make Money; Not Satisfied: About 77% of bloggers say they made money from their blog in the last year, mainly from sponsored blog posts, advertising and affiliate links; only 9% say they are “extremely” or “very” satisfied with these figures.
  • Bloggers View Themselves As Marketers. More than three-fourths of bloggers say they should be compensated to write about content pitched to them by brands or PR agencies, with one blogger saying, “Bloggers are not traditional media… If a brand wants their messaging or product featured on a blog, they should view it as advertising.”

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