PR is at the heart of what we do at Red Jeweled Media. We can help you with your press outreach, blogger campaigns, and more.


We can help you use social media to engage with your customers, increase your sales, and garner ongoing buzz for your brand.


Our team of qualified writers helps you create copy that speaks to your target audiences, influencers, customers, and partners. We can help you write everything from press releases and blog posts to articles and marketing materials.

Who We Are

We are a boutique Denver-based PR agency with qualified PR affiliates in Chicago, Dallas, New York and Connecticut. We marry traditional PR with social media efforts to create a cohesive approach to your PR efforts.
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Why We're Different

We’re different because everything we do is customized to each business we work with. The strategy. The team. The campaign. All is tailor-made to fit your needs – not a pre-boxed solution. We do this because we know your story is different. Your business’s needs are different. And you deserve something different too.
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What Our Clients Say

“Red Jeweled Media has transformed the way I think about *and* speak about my business.”
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Our Core Values

Client Driven.
We listen to our clients and help them overcome their challenges and/or achieve their goals. We put our clients on a pedestal. They are family.

Obsessed with Results.
We are determined to deliver remarkable results. We often work above and beyond our scope.

We are constantly learning and offering our clients new ideas, tools, and possibilities. We are never complacent in our knowledge.

We believe good things and opportunities will happen for our clients and us.

We are thoughtful in our approach, customizing our solutions to best meet a client’s need.

We love PR and social media. It is in our blood.

We are fiercely loyal to our colleagues and clients.


Red Jeweled Media is a boutique Denver-based PR agency. We believe our client partners deserve a PR agency that focuses on creating exciting campaigns and delivering extraordinary results. Our specialities include traditional media outreach, blogger campaigns and initiatives, content creation, and social media marketing. Learn More >


It all started with a vision. Jenny Finke wanted to help brands with something important to say to cut through the noise to share their unique voices and inspiring stories. She believed that she could help these brands foster authentic relationships and meaningful connections with the people most important to their brands.



Denver Life Magazine
Denver Life Magazine
American Baby
9 News
5280 Magazine
5280 Magazine
The Today Show
USA Today
The New York Times


Family, Parenting & Lifestyle
We have worked with a vast number of lifestyle brands including children’s, maternity and baby brands, and various health and wellness brands.  We are currently doing PR for Somnia, a new sleep wellness concept store, as well as children’s brands like Miracle Blanket (swaddling blanket), Knot Genie (detangling hairbrush), and more!
Food, Restaurant & Beverage
We work with variety of food industry clients, including doing PR for restaurants in Denver, as well as PR for food and nutrition brands across the U.S. Currently we work with Dunkin’s Donuts (Denver market), as well as Modmarket, a farm fresh eatery with locations through Denver and Dallas.
Business, Consulting & Real Estate
We love working with various business brands, and our work includes clients in the personal finance, real estate, consulting, and sales distribution space. Prior to starting Red Jeweled Media, our founder did PR for brands such as Merrill Lynch, Experian and Accenture.


- Dave Hensley, Founder of Scangaroo
"I'm extremely impressed with the work Jenny and Sarah at Red Jeweled Media have done for me. They both took the time and effort to really understand my business and how it might best resonate with the public. Although it was a great fit from the beginning, I wouldn't have anticipated the fantastic results. Through their skill and persistence, they were able to get us coverage on two TV news stations, and two important media publications. Great job!"
- Dave Hensley, Founder of Scangaroo
- Marty Goodman, Kid Pointz founder
"We looked into conducting a blogger campaign on our own, but we just didn’t have the contacts or the credibility to pull it off. The blogger community is very accustomed to new ideas with big promises that never pay off, so they are a lot choosier about contests in which they will participate. Red Jeweled Media's pre-contest reconnaissance revealed many blogger insights that were added and/or removed from the concept. Once we had the concept refined, it was Red Jeweled Media's credibility that encouraged their participation, and the their persistence that kept us top of mind in the blogger community. We just could not have pulled this off without the Red Jeweled Media team. As a result, not only did our organic traffic increase by 50%, but the increase promises to be permanent. We used to spend $250/day in Adwords to generate the same traffic that is now coming with no pay-per-click advertising at all."
- Marty Goodman, Kid Pointz founder
- Brianna Doby, Denver-based family photographer, little o photography
Red Jeweled Media has transformed the way I think about *and* speak about my business. Jenny's insights have been transformative - she has shown me a way to fully and accurately describe my passion for photography, and communicating that passion is what attracts more clients! Additionally, her marketing analysis has helped me get to what WORKS in client acquisition, not just what is "trendy" or "cool". She helped me see where I should devote my time and efforts to see the greatest returns. What a tremendous help for a small business! I have already recommended Jenny and RJM to fellow entrepreneurs, and I will continue to sing her praises. With her help, I am taking my business to new - and very profitable - heights."
- Brianna Doby, Denver-based family photographer, little o photography