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RJM Blogger Insider Club Logo   largeWe believe that there is a synergistic relationship between bloggers, PR agencies and brands. Together we are stronger and can help each other achieve success. Divided, we are doomed to fail.

The purpose of the Parent Blogger Insider Club is to harmoniously connect talented bloggers we love with the brands we represent.

We believe that partnerships with bloggers should be long-term. No relationship can be satisfying if it’s not reinforced. The Insider Club offers the opportunity for talented bloggers to form strong, long-term and lasting relationships with our agency and the brands we represent - relationships that are based on trust and mutual admiration and not simply one-off pitches.

As a member of our Insider Club, you’ll be the first to learn about both paid and non-paid opportunities presented by our clients, including product reviews, story ideas, sponsored posts, conference sponsorships, writing projects, advertising and more.

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If you’d like to join the Red Jeweled Media Parent Blogger Insider Club, please complete our Insider Club Application.

Common FAQs:

Why would I join the Parent Blogger Insider Club?  

If you want to be the first to learn about both paid and non-paid opportunities presented by our clients, you should consider joining. Our clients are often looking for talented bloggers we believe in to review their latest products, host Twitter parties or write a sponsored post, etc.

How do I know if I'm eligible to be a member of the Insider Club?

Any blogger who has had a blog for at least 6 months is eligible to be a member of the Insider Club. However, we do look for bloggers who have at least a Google PageRank of 2, consistently post original and quality content, have professional-looking blog sites, and who share our philosophies. 

What obligations do I have as a member?

The only obligation is to receive periodic emails from Red Jeweled Media when a new opportunity is available. We ask that you read and respond to these messages when interested in working with us on any given project. Please white list our email to ensure you get all "insider" communications from our agency.

Do I have to pay to be a part of the Insider Club?


What kind of time commitment can I expect from the Insider Club?

There is no specific time commitment, we just ask that you be open to receiving our periodic emails and considering the opportunities presented to you. 

Can I join the Red Jeweled Media Parent Insider Club if I'm a member of another PR agency's club?


Will I be paid by Red Jeweled Media to join the Insider Club?

No. If compensation is offered by a brand, then you will be paid by the brand.


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