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Here's what a few of our clients have to say about Red Jeweled Media - thank you for the feedback!

Scangaroo logo"I'm extremely impressed with the work Jenny and Sarah at Red Jeweled Media have done for me. They both took the time and effort to really understand my business and how it might best resonate with the public.   Although it was a great fit from the beginning, I wouldn't have anticipated the fantastic results. Through their skill and persistence, they were able to get us coverage on two TV news stations, and two important media publications. Great job!" - Dave Hensley, Founder of Scangaroo 

Kid Pointz Positive Parenting Logo"We looked into conducting a blogger campaign on our own, but we just didn’t have the contacts or the credibility to pull it off. The blogger community is very accustomed to new ideas with big promises that never pay off, so they are a lot choosier about contests in which they will participate. Red Jeweled Media's pre-contest reconnaissance revealed many blogger insights that were added and/or removed from the concept. Once we had the concept refined, it was Red Jeweled Media's credibility that encouraged their participation, and the their persistence that kept us top of mind in the blogger community. We just could not have pulled this off without the Red Jeweled Media team. As a result, not only did our organic traffic increase by 50%, but the increase promises to be permanent. We used to spend $250/day in Adwords to generate the same traffic that is now coming with no pay-per-click advertising at all." - Marty Goodman, Kid Pointz founder

little o photography logoRed Jeweled Media has transformed the way I think about *and* speak about my business. Jenny's insights have been transformative - she has shown me a way to fully and accurately describe my passion for photography, and communicating that passion is what attracts more clients! Additionally, her marketing analysis has helped me get to what WORKS in client acquisition, not just what is "trendy" or "cool".  She helped me see where I should devote my time and efforts to see the greatest returns.  What a tremendous help for a small business!  I have already recommended Jenny and RJM to fellow entrepreneurs, and I will continue to sing her praises.  With her help, I am taking my business to new - and very profitable - heights." - Brianna Doby, Denver-based family photographerlittle o photography

FuzziBunz Logo"Jennifer started helping me with some basic PR and writing assignments at first. She quickly became an asset to my growing business and I immediately began to see the value of her work. I have complete trust and faith in the initiatives that Jennifer recommends and have been very pleased with the results to date. She has gotten my company in national publications, such as the Pregnancy Buyer's Guide and Parents magazine, and she also was pivotal in helping me win a prestigious entrepreneur award. She tells me like it is and offers her opinion and counsel on many of my ideas. I like that about her and continue to utilize her services each and every day. I realize I am not her only client, but I love feeling like I am."  - Tereson Dupuy, FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers

Corporate Housing by Owner Image"Our company has always believed we could best reach educated decision makers through newspaper articles and public relations.  Our company, Corporate Housing by Owner, offers new ideas for real estate investors and we needed to promote not only that we existed but also tell a story of who we are and what we do in order to ultimately educate our consumer.  To try and even attempt to accomplish this huge task through traditional marketing avenues would have been far too expensive so we started to work through the PR world.  Unfortunately we went through three other PR firms before we started working with JF Communications (now Red Jeweled Media).  The importance of this journey is we can compare Jennifer's results with many who came before her and didn't succeed.  There are two essential elements that Jennifer brings to all of her clients that are unique and hard to find.  First, she brings honest enthusiasm, and second, she brings the background and fundamental skills on how to connect with the right reporter or media outlet.  Her enthusiasm for us is contagious and through her connections with the media she is able to get them excited about us too.  Her background and skills are also essential because if you don't know how the system works you really can't get the doors opened, which we learned through previous PR relationships.  Did I mention in the last few months we have been in the New York Times, LA Times, USA Today and on NBC's Today Show just to mention a few?  Through PR and our relationship with Jennifer we have been able to connect with the American public in ways we never even dreamed of."  -Kimberly Smith, Co-Founder and CEO,CorporateHousingbyOwner.com


Real Moms Love to Eat Logo"Working with Jennifer has been such a delight. She is very timely with her PR ideas and has a way of cleverly adapting a product or service with the current media trends and needs. Jennifer really listens to her clients and finds the perfect media fit for them. She knows what avenues will be a success and she capitalizes on her savvy approach with the media to capture perfect exposure for clients."  - Beth Aldrich, author, Real Moms Love to Eat


“It was once a dream, and now it’s a reality. Having Jenny do our PR and Media was by far and above our best business decision for 2009.  Through working with Jenny on our PR and Media she has exceed our expectations of: Getting us booked on major tv segments throughout the nation, receiving editorial mentions in just the right publications, managing our Facebook and Twitter accounts with results I didn’t know were possible as quickly as they came.  I know no one can “guarantee” this kind of success with PR/Media… but I’m sure thankful to Jenny we have been the exception to that statement in this case.” -Anonymous client

rockingreensoap"Jenny, Betsy and her team have been a pleasure to work with! We have been very pleased with the editorials and TV spots that they have been able to secure for the business. They have allowed me to grow my client base and communicate better with my existing clients through monthly newsletters and blog reviews. The communication is great, and I feel like they understand the needs of my business." -Kimberly Webb, Rockin' Green


KellyWels.comI have been working with Jenny Finke and her team for several years now and I am truly impressed with the growth I saw from her team's marketing efforts. For the past three years I experienced almost double the growth in sales [for KellysCloset.com & DiaperShops.com] and I credit much of that to Jenny's unique and fresh approach. - Kelly Wels of KellyWels.com, Green Living Promoter and founder/former owner of DiaperShops.com

Hygeia logo"Working with Red Jeweled Media has been wonderful. From our first meeting I was extremely impressed with their ability to ask smart questions and really take the time to understand our business. Our Red Jeweled Media team led by Jenny consistently brings us great ideas, and the press coverage they have secured for our company has been amazing.  From The Today Show to Pregnancy and Newborn magazine, I can’t think of many places we haven’t been featured!  I love working with Red Jeweled Media and enthusiastically recommend the company to others."  - Kate Gulbransen, Hygeia

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