Social Media Listening: How to Identify Influencers

Social Media Listening: How to Identify Influencers

Social Media Listening: How to Identify Influencers

One of the most important steps to any social media listening strategy is identifying the core influencers to listen to. After all, if you’re going to take the time to listen carefully to what people are saying on social media, you want to make it worthwhile by listening to people important to your business’s ecosystem.

Make a List. The best way to identify people to listen to is to make a list. Write down partners, people who refer you business and vice versa, customers, brands you carry or who carry you, brands you want to carry, companies you’d like to become your client, media and bloggers covering your industry, etc.

Search. Conduct searches on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Some initial searches will help you not only identify influencers, but also you’ll identify some of the most social influencers too. Google Alerts offers an amazing way to keep you in the know on topics of interest to you – and it’s free!

Follow Who Your Competitors Follow. Simply look at who your competitors follow on Twitter and Pinterest and who they like on Facebook. Perhaps you should watch those influential socialites too?

Watch Trends.  I love watching which hashtags are trending or conversations happening on Facebook that a lot of people are chiming in on. These are great opportunities to find people to connect with – and you might just find some core influencers to add to your mix!

How else do you identify and find core influencers to connect via social media?

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