Inbound Marketing IS the Next Big Thing

Inbound Marketing IS the Next Big Thing

PR is a changing industry and many say it’s facing one of the biggest challenges in its fight for survival. PR, let’s face it, is having an identity crisis. PR is still important, but the strategies and solutions needed to achieve the same end results have changed dramatically.

Agencies that are embracing social media marketing, digital PR efforts and online marketing are the ones that will survive and thrive in the new marketing order.

What does a traditional PR firm do?

The goal of most PR firms is to generate media and press for their clients. These traditionally came in the form of newspapers articles, magazines articles, TV spots, etc.  However, mainstream media is dying. Newspapers have shut down in mass proportions. TV stations are focusing more on infotainment and paid-segments and competition among niche magazines is fierce, causing many to shut their doors.

Today, many PR firms have gone out of business, unable to keep up with the new marketing rules. But those that have kept up are poised for a revolution.

Inbound Marketing has enabled PR firms to grow their offerings

Last year I read the book called Inbound Marketing; everything in the book rang true to what I was doing, feeling and thinking. Inbound Marketing is marketing to people who want to be marketed to. It’s not achieved through interruption marketing that comes with direct mail, billboard ads, TV commercials and magazine ads; rather, success in marketing is achieved when you develop a relationship with a potential customer, and then the customer gives you permission to market to them, either by giving you their email address, “Liking” your page on Facebook or following your blog. Rather than interrupt their daily patterns, you instead become a welcome and invited sight in their inboxes, as they gave you permission to be there.

Also, inbound marketing is the art of being found online. People won’t buy your product because they saw an advertisement for it. No! Rather, they will search online for terms like “Best gas mileage” or “Safest family car.” As a marketer, you have to understand how they seek out information and how they might find you when doing so.

I want my readers to consider their inbound marketing strategies. Are you focused on clip counts in a dying newspaper world, or are you focused on rapid content generation, engagement with customers and permission-based marketing tactics to win over the minds and hearts of your customers?


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