There is an art to working with bloggers

We can help you connect and engage with bloggers most meaningful to your brand.

How to Work With Bloggers

Blogger Relations

Working with bloggers is an important part of public relations today. Let Red Jeweled Media.

Do you want to connect your brand with influential bloggers?

Did you know that 84% of consumers make a purchase based on a blogger recommendation?

If you want to get your brand in front of influential bloggers, we can help you develop a proven plan that we know works.

We will help you structure your campaign so it nets the results you’re looking for. We will ensure partnerships with bloggers that closely align with your brand’s persona. We work only with bloggers we know will become active and vocal brand advocates for your brand.

If you’ve been spinning your wheels for years trying to figure out how to get high quality bloggers to write about your brand, or if you’re sick of giving away free product in exchange for posts, we can help. Let us develop your next blogger campaign and put you on the path to creating longer, lasting, win-win relationships with bloggers.

Contact us today to discuss your brand’s products or services and let us help you devise a blogger campaign that works! Specialities include:

  • Blogger campaign concept development and reconnaissance
  • Sponsored blogger campaign execution
  • Development of blog ambassador club for your brand
  • Blogger communications
  • Blogger relations
  • Engagement campaigns
  • Influencer campaigns

Read about how we helped Della Rice create brand awareness via a strategic influencer blogger campaign.

Testimonial from a client:

“We looked into conducting a blogger campaign on our own, but we just didn’t have the contacts or the credibility to pull it off. The blogger community is very accustomed to new ideas with big promises that never pay off, so they are a lot choosier about contests in which they will participate.We just could not have pulled this off without the Red Jeweled Media team. Their pre-contest reconnaissance revealed many blogger insights that were added and/or removed from the initial competition concept. Once we had the concept refined, it was Red Jeweled Media’s credibility that encouraged blogger participation, and their persistence that kept us top of mind in the blogger community.” – Marty Goodman, Kid Pointz

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