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Hello? Is Anybody Out There [Social Media] Listening?


Tomorrow I'm going to speak about Social Media Listening to a group of Denver PR and social media enthusiasts, as well as to Denver entrepreneurs. I'm really excited about this topic and opportunity to share something I'm very passionate about. Why?

Too often business owners, PR agency people and even people calling themselves social media "experts" think that managing a social media page means pushing out posts.  They cue up their Facebook post, then a few tweets, respond to a few comments, and then they think they're done. 

The truth is that there is so much more to do!

When managing a social media page, it's important that you listen to what others are saying. You want to keep up with what important influencers are saying, and then show them you're listening with thoughtful responses and social media cues - which can come by "liking" a post or repinning a pin.

If your social media sites have lost their "social" touches, contact Red Jeweled Media. We can coach you on how to listen more than you talk - and we'll show you how to become a savvy social media marketer!

It's not too late! If you're in Denver and interested in attending "The Art of Social Media Listening," there's still space! Register now.

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