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Consumers Prefer Blogs Not Traditional Media for PR Recommendations


If you've been on the fence about whether or not to implement a blogger PR campaign, you might want to pay close attention to the latest survey from Technorati Media. In its 2013 Digital Influencer report, bloggers just might be more influential than than traditional media as consumers turn to third-party bloggers to help them make educated buying decisions.

Bloggers Have Clout: You can see from this screenshot from the report that blogs are the fifth most influential source for information when making a buying decision. As a long-time PR agency professional whose sole job was to pitch media (media relations), I couldn't help but notice that blogs have SURPASSED media (news sites) in their clout! Perhaps getting PR on blogs should be a larger priority than getting press in traditional print or TV - what do you think?!?

Technorati blogger influence results

Are Smaller Bloggers are Better?  Another interesting finding from the survey involves the size of the blogger. Companies that contact us interested in conducting a blogger PR campaign are often overly focused on numbers. They demand that a blogger has specific traffic figures and page ranks regardless of the quality or fit of the blogger. I can now point these business owners to this survey, which shows that consumers think smaller blog communities are more influential than large ones. Specifically, 54 percent of consumers say they agree that the smaller the community the greater the influence. 

This finding takes me back to the quality vs. quantity debate. I would love more companies to see this result and be open to working with some of the smaller but highly qualified bloggers in our Parent Blogger Insider Club network.

Bloggers Making Money Blogging. Something we explored in depth in our 2013 Blogger Intelligence Report is that bloggers are being more and more savvy when it comes to making money from their blogging efforts. In this Technorati survey, 64% of bloggers say they have made money from blogging.

make money blogging

In the Red Jeweled Media 2013 Blogger Intelligence Report, which surveyed parent bloggers specifically, we found that nearly 77 percent of bloggers made money on their blogs in the last year.

If you want to download the Technorati survey and learn more about bloggers and why their influence is important to brands, visit here.

To download the Red Jeweled Media 2013 Blogger Intelligence Report for FREE, click here.

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