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Marketing on Pinterest - Idea!


Many businesses have started upping their games on Pinterest. It seems like there is so much to do and explore on Pinterest that the social media PR platform has yet to reach its full marketing potential. 

I thought about ways to really boost the activity on my client Pinterest page, and decided to invite a guest pinner to pin on my client's page. After all, what an exciting way to engage with someone influential in a fun and highly visual way.

Here's how I did it (in case you're interested in having guest pinners too!):

1.  I researched a variety of pinners in the industries important to my client. I found a blogger with a rich following on Pinterest and lots of great content that was highly appealing to my client's target audience.

2.  I went to her board, repinned and commented on a few of her things to let her know I was paying attention to her. She graciously showed me she was listening back by pinning stuff from my board too.

3.  I then sent her a basic email asking if she'd like to be a guest pinner on my client's page. It was a new concept to her - no one had approached her to do such a thing in the past. She decided it would be a fun experiment and a way to cross-promote one another to eachother's fans.

4.  I created a new board and invited her to pin with me. I simply added her email address in the spot where it says, "Who can pin with me?

How to invite a guest pinner on Pinterest5. I then went into the board and added her photo, and her blog's logo. In the description, I explained who she was, why I invited her to guest pin on our page, and included links to her blog and Pinterest page. 

The guest pinning experiment is currently underway and the results have yet to be determined. I'm excited about this opportunity to explore new and exciting ways to engage with influencers and customers on Pinterest. It's taking social media marketing to another level with a platform that's full marketing potential is still in the making.

PS - I'll write an update to this post when the guest pinning experiment is complete!

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