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More About Poland Spring's Missed Social Media Marketing Opportunity


It was the sip seen round the world.

Up and coming GOP persona, US Senator Marco Rubio, was tasked with delivering the Republican Party’s rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Address.

It was his moment to shine and revive a political party. But he was so very thirsty.

Mid-speech, Rubio was so parched, he made a mad dive for a bottle of water sitting just off camera. He gulped down water for a few seconds, giving the Poland Spring’s brand of water some very FREE and valuable air time. The ENTIRE nation was watching. 

This moment immediately became a social media sensation, trending on Twitter right away and making Rubio and Poland Spring household names and no pun-intended “water-cooler talk.”

Rubio did a great job with the incident. Showing he had a sense of humor, he tweeted a pic of the water bottle.

Poland Spring took to Facebook with an image of a water bottle preparing for its “cameo” in a dressing room setting. But on Twitter where there was so much chatter and so much opportunity to engage and interact with consumers, the company's Twitter account was silent. Its last tweet was from July 26, 2010.

I wonder how many visits its Twitter account received since Tuesday? I wonder how many people the company could have engaged and interacted with since then? 

Let this be a lesson to even the smallest of brands. You never know when your moment could happen. A truly organic viral moment. Don’t let your Twitter account go dormant - what a missed opportunity to engage directly with your customers and fans.

Oh, and one more tip, if you’re not going to use it (your Twitter account), just shut it down. It's worse to have one and not "mind" it than it is to not have one altogether.



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