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PR 101: Hiring a Social Media Manager


hiring a social media managerI wanted to share my thoughts on how small and mid-sized businesses should approach hiring a social media manager or online community manager:  

What to Look for When Hiring a Social Media Manager  

Passion. Your social media manager must be passionate about your business and about social media. The more authentic the social media manager is to your brand the better.  

Knowledge. Managing social media involves much more than pushing out posts. Look for someone who can talk about social listening, social media tools, brand voice, and creative campaigns. You want someone who understands the gamut of marketing, not just someone who can post something and move on.  

Values Self.  If someone is offering to manage your social media for a few hundred bucks a month, that is a red flag! You want to work with professional marketers who value themselves and the work they do for their clients.  

Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Hiring a Social Media Manager  

Hiring the Cheapest Person.  Cheap means someone doesn't value their skills as a marketer. Red flag!!  

Using an Intern.  Many executives are scared of social media and think a 20-year old can do better than they can. Social media marketing requires someone mature who understands branding, communications, customer service and public relations - not just someone who knows how to use Facebook and Twitter.  

Worrying Only About Numbers. Getting likes and followers is exciting, but it's not what social media is about. Find someone who focusses on quality vs. quantity. Find someone who puts purpose and benchmarks behind what they do. That's the difference between hiring an SEO person vs. a communications person.  

Why Hire a Social Media Manager?  

Remember, when you hire someone to do this important job, you demonstrate the importance of social media to your organization, after all, you are putting resources and tools behind it. The best part is that your commitment will show to your customers and fans. Companies who make little or no effort to manage their social media, or who poorly manage it, will lose customers faster than they can say Facebook!

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