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How PR Agencies Discover Their Client’s “Why”


start with why in prLast year I was introduced to Simon Sinek’s book, “Start With Why” by a good friend of mine and colleague who does brand messaging and writing. I learned from Sinek that so few companies start with “why” they do what they do; and rather they focus on “what” and “how” they do it.

I think few companies start with “why” because it is an uncomfortable process. It’s easier to say I sell insurance or teach yoga when describing what you do, than it is to say why you sell insurance or why you teach yoga.

But the truth is, many people sell insurance or teach yoga. It’s not exciting or unique, nor does it trigger any sort of emotional connection between what you offer and your prospective client.

However, talking about your “why” is what differentiates you from the pack and makes you uniquely you.

A few months ago I helped a struggling photographer discover her “why.” During our brainstorm session I learned her secret sauce. I understood that she didn’t just think of herself as someone who take pictures; rather as someone who was doing something so much more than that.

As we peeled the onion to help her discover her “why”, she soon began to realize her current approach to new clients was all wrong. She began her prospecting process with “why” and it changed her business more than she could imagine.  Read our full case study here – DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE

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