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PR Agency Tip! Rules to Pitching Anyone


Whether you’re pitching a blogger, journalist, reporter or producer, there are several "PR Rules of the Road" I think you should be aware of. 

do your homework before PR pitching

Do Your Homework.  Read up on whomever you pitch. If you don’t it will show – I promiseyou you’ll look stupid! One of my blogger friends said she is constantly pitched food products that are gluten-full vs. gluten-free – and she has Celiac!  She simply clicks the “spam” button on her email and POOF!, those individuals are blacklisted from her inbox.

Never Spam. Sending spam is the quickest way to get your email address blacklisted by a writer.  

Personalize. Always address the person you’re pitching by name, and let them know you’ve done your homework by mentioning a previous article, segment or blog post they wrote. A little acknowledgement of their hard work goes a lot way.

Socialize. If you really want to get the writer or blogger’s attention, simply leave a comment on their last article or blog, or RT their article on Twitter. I know I get giddy when people comment on my blog posts – so I can imagine that bloggers, journalists and producers feel the same way.

Build Relationships. I have worked hard over the years to build relationships with various members of the media and with various bloggers. I’m friends with many of them on Facebook or LinkedIn and try to comment and like their personal posts when I feel it relates to me. Another way to build a relationship is to email them “just because.” Maybe you read an article that really resonated with you that they wrote – let them know!

Be Professional. Professionalism goes a long way in any industry. My pitches are always professional – addressing the person by name, respecting their time, being concise and to the point, and never demanding they do something.

Be Responsive. Nothing can kill a pitch more than being unresponsive to their requests. When a blogger or writer requests a sample, you get them the sample right away. Always acknowledge the request and communicate every step of the way with them. Your responsiveness can be crucial to shaping their opinion of you, your agency and the client you represent.

Can you think of other “rules” that apply when pitching bloggers, reporters, journalists, producers and others?

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