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The Thrill of the PR Pitch


thrill of pr pitchI love good ol’ traditional media relations campaign. This timeless ritual finds me going through my list of well-cultivated media contacts to see who would be interested in the latest story, product or expert I have to offer them. It also finds me digging up untapped media sources and developing a good pitch or angle to hook new contacts with. It might seem strange, but I even love being turned down by an editor or reporter and challenging them on why they don’t want to cover the story. Every pitch is a learning process – one I can evolve, tweak and grow from.

Recently, I’ve been working with a new client, Goddess Garden Organics, pitching its revolutionary new product to the media. It’s always helpful in media relations when you’ve got a great new product to offer. But not everyone always thinks your new product is so newsworthy.  That’s when you’ve got to step up your game and tell them what sets your client apart from the rest of the pack.

Clients don’t often realize how much work goes into pitching their story or product to media and bloggers. A good media relations person will think like a journalist and develop a fresh, highly personalized pitch for every single editor or reporter. 

For example, I fill my pitches with personal anecdotes and how my client relates to the types of stories the reporter or blogger writes and publishes. I will exhaust every angle and every contact at a media outlet to get my client coverage.

That’s why when a source does want to cover my client, it’s the most exciting feeling in the world. I even do a little happy dance when I get my client a hard earned and much deserved media placement.

Oh yeah, I love the thrill of the media pitch!

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