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Why Facebook Marketing and Blogging Go Hand in Hand


Facebook and blog marketing go hand in hand

If you're going to take the time to manage a Facebook business page, it's important that you're maximizing your PR and marketing efforts on Facebook at all levels. Most experts agree that the key to a successful Facebook social media marketing campaign is engagement, so what better way to engage your fans than through regular, meaningful and quality blog content.

Sure, Facebook can serve as a plaform to exchange information with your customers including promoting your specials and handling customer service questions. Sure, Facebook can be a way to have fun with your fans via photo contests and polls. But us marketers know that Facebook offers so much more. It also can serve as an opportunity to inspire, inform and interact with your fans without being sales-y, pushy and annoying.

Imagine every day or week you write about a fun tip or inspiring story on your blog. Then you share that information with your fans. You ask them to sound off on what they think about the information presented in the blog. You are then in full engagement mode!

Plus, think about all the back-and-forth engagement between your Facebook page and your website (where your blog is housed). It's incredible. Without a blog, it would certainly be harder to get your fans to travel back and forth to your website. Quality blog content gives them a reason to do so.

Remember, your fans want to engage with you and be inspired by you; otherwise, they wouldn't have "liked" your page in the first place. Have conversations with them. Spark those conversations on your blog and make them a strong part of your Facebook business page marketing strategy. Good luck!

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